16Ack. Two weeks and two days to go. It’s busy, so you better have something important — to me — to say to interrupt my day. On a side note, and to make the Sports Dude happy, I have to say, one nice thing about large office buildings is that I got my oil changed while I worked. Paid through the nose, but it is done. Here we go:

  • Practice areas for the website. Need to create a spreadsheet for when loading the bios.
  • Another new project. How do we plan an event post-merger?
  • Need to review merger marketing plan.
  • Skipping yoga and lunch to work on my homework for my Leadership Institute class later this week. Almost done.
  • Staff meeting on the merger. Lots of questions answered. I thought it went great.
  • Need to confirm attorneys practice group assignments
  • Emails with lots of questions that need to be answered. How many emails do we send out? Where are our contacts? Those types of details.

Tip: Updating bios is tough. We all know that. This is your chance to make sure everyone reviews and updates their bios. However, get as much done prior to uploading into the new system. I don’t know what October 1 is going to look like, but I don’t want to stop my day to update service areas on attorney bios.