I seriously need a 3-day weekend every weekend. But, here it is, a rainy, hot, humid day in L.A. Who in L.A. has a work wardrobe for this? Oh, well, quality problems.

It’s Monday, and we have three weeks and two days until the merger goes live. So here’s what things look like here. (oh, if I didn’t say so, the bullets are in reverse order. The bottom bullet was the first thing I did today.)

  • OMG. I think I finished Marty’s project.
  • Another new project — BD this time — time to prep some materials and go out and meet the clients.
  • Need to update logos for conferences we’re sponsoring next year.
  • Nothing like a new project. Figured out a mailing we can send to Marty’s mailing list for October 1. Staying top of mind!
  • Just got our next assignments from LexisNexis for the California Insurance Law & Practice chapters. Great project to coordinate with attorneys from both firms.
  • Yeah, still not finished with Marty’s project. But getting there.

Look at that. 4:58 and I think I am done for the day, which is good as I have to head off to the Girl Scout Leader’s meeting. Yeah. We’ll be selling stuff soon. Can I interest you in some dark chocolate, salted caramel candies?

Tip: Look for projects that you normally do and rather then team attorneys up down the hall, team attorneys up from the two merging firms. Great way to spread the work, and build new relationships.