It’s Friday. A full week and a day since the vote. I’m starting to look at my decisions with October 1 in mind and the impact they will have. And the questions keep coming:

How will we do this or that? Do we need approval to do this? How do we get approval? Will we get this, or have that by October 1? When will this shift over to the new system? And whose system for what? And do they wear jeans on Friday?

So many questions. But it’s Friday.

  • Just invited myself to lunch over at the Hinshaw West LA office. Wow. We’re going to have fun. Lots of good energy and excitement.
  • Really am going to finish Marty’s project today. Really.
  • More bios to update.
  • Extend my October LMA Leaders’ Conference trip to include time in the Chicago office. Time to start meeting people.

Tip: Don’t wait to be invited to attorney events. Invite yourself and go. They not only want you there, they need you there. They just might realize it. This is not the time to be shy.