busy-ladyI am not a huge promoter of products and services. So when I do, I mean it. I am a big fan of David Allen and his book Getting Things Done. Around 10 years ago, before he hit the stratosphere, I had David lead a program for my then-firm’s attorneys. He was so incredible that they asked if we could have him back. I used his systems. Still love my label maker. But I have been having trouble lately trying to get a system that worked across all my digital platforms, incorporating work, my personal life, Girl Scouts, my LMA commitments. Outlook just wasn’t cutting it. And this weekend I let something slip through the cracks. I forgot to sign my daughter signed up for a spring break trip and now it’s full. Ugh. While bitching and moaning about it to the Sports Dude, he commented that with so much going on in my life it’s amazing more things don’t fall through the cracks. Which sounds like a great thing to say when your wife is kicking herself for forgetting to do something so simple, but I have a life where I cannot let things slip through the cracks. Ever. I work with lawyers. So I decided to dust off my Getting Things Done and clean up my systems. OMG. Yes, There is an APP for this!! Finally!! It’s Get It Done. While not an official product of David Allen Company, it does rock the GTD philosophy. I love that I can use it on my desktop. I have it downloaded on my iPhone and my iPad. Everything is synced together. I need to figure out what to do when offline … but I’ll get there. InBox All I have to do is BCC my Get it Done inbox on an email and poof, there’s my project. While sitting on the train on the way home, I can file all my projects. First up, I assign it a an Area (Girl Scouts, Legal Marketing, Personal, Work), and then create a project. I can set reminder notes and tags. Ooooohh, and I get an email each morning reminding me what’s on tap for today: email My Outlook inbox is at ZERO at the moment. My Get it Done inbox will be at ZERO in a few minutes as I continue to file the items I just emailed myself. I might have FINALLY found the right solution. For $39/year, sounds like a good investment to me. As for my daughter, she is #3 on the waiting list that has about 17 kids on it. If she can round up another 13 they will open up another group and she’s good to go. But if you’d like to buy some See’s Candy, let me know … she’s fundraising for her spot.