Jonathan Fitzgarrald
For most of the week last week I was at the Legal Marketing Association‘s Board of Directors’ & Leaders’ meeting, preparing for a busy 2013 with our incoming leadership teams. As such, I missed the 10th Annual LMA-LA Continuing Marketing Education conference. And, from what I am hearing, I missed one heck of a conference. From Allen Fuqua‘s post, A TED Conference LMA-style – Part 1. Guest post by Allen Fuqua:

True innovation in the law firm industry is a rarity.  And I was fortunate to witness and be a participant in it on September 28, 2012 at the Legal Marketing Association’s Los Angeles CME event. The LA group hosted a Continuing Marketing Education event based on the TED big idea format. 23 speakers spoke for 20 minutes each on a big idea about which they felt passionate.  Actually it was 17 solo speakers and 2 panels of 3 speakers each. With an LMA Los Angeles membership of some 110 professionals, the event was at capacity with 110 people registered for attendance.  The quality of the program may have been best represented by the fact that even for the last two sessions of the day-long event, the crowd remained entranced and enthusiastic.  I had the privilege to be the last solo speaker of the day and I was impressed by the numbers, the engagement and participation of that audience that endured.

I am so sorry I missed the conference. Congrats to Jonathan Fitzgarrald, David Fish, and Nat Slavin for a great, great job well done.