Jonathan Fitzgarrald (Bad for the Brand) and I spoke on a webinar today for the Legal Marketing Association – Capital Chapter on Best of the Web for Professional Development.

One of the things we did was comb through our Google Readers, email folders and the like, and made a list of all of our “must read” blogs, electronic newsletters, etc.

To round out the lists, I asked Tim Corcoran (Corcoran’s Business of the Law) and Jayne Navarre (Virtual marketing Officer) to add their favorite blogs as well, and thanks to Catherine MacDonagh (Legal Lean Sigma) for making sure I hadn’t missed anything (which I had).

The point of these lists is to not be 100% inclusive, but to share our “go-to” blogs so that we can fully informed on the subjects of Legal News; the Legal Industry; General Business; Marketing & Social Media; and, Technology.

Legal Press

Blog Aggregators

Not to go without mentioning:

  • Local legal journals
  • Firm blogs (yours and competitors)ma
  • Clients

I know there are more blogs out there, so if you have some to add or share, please do so in the comments section.

Check back for more Favorite Blogs: