Oh, the jokes started IMMEDIATELY when Steve Jobs announced the new iPad today.

First saw it on Facebook this morning from a friend of mine, an Internet technology executive, “… is wondering if iPad version 2.0 comes with wings for greater protection.”

Andy Levy Tweeted “it can’t be a good sign that #iTampon is trending and #iPad is not …”

@savvyauntie has it going on! “It’s called the iPad – oh no. Bad name! Period.” “I asked #apple if the bigger fonts on the #iPad were for older people. iDepends they replied.” And many more!!!

@DuaneReade “just announced they have the iPad in stock already in aisle 4! Next to the iDepends and iTampons.”

Ohhhhh, I bet Steve Jobs is a little upset right now.

So here’s my point:

Some woman attached to this product development and product launch, somewhere along the line, thought to herself, “Hmmm. iPad … iTampon.” And, she said NOTHING.

How many times have you sat in a room with a partner and thought … bad idea.. But said nothing?

How many times have you looked at a logo or graphic and thought: “Ugh. That looks like a melting big stick!”

I once told a partner that his edit to a document reminded me of “99 billion burgers served.” He wasn’t too happy, but my point was, “If I’m thinking it, someone else is going to be thinking it too.” The change was not made.

Sometimes the hardest part of my job is to give my honest feedback.

Just think about it. If that woman who thought “iTampon” had spoken up, somewhere along the line, Steve Jobs would have been introducing the iSlate or the iGuide today.

Now, if she was smart enough to be the one who registered www.iTampon.com … she’s BRILLIANT!