I’m sorry, Coolerites. I’ve been distracted and not blogging like I usually do (at least once a week, if not more).

I can claim busy at work (I have been). The Girl Scout Troop (we’re selling nuts, getting ready for a camping trip this weekend, planning our holiday service project and more). The sports dude (we’ve been having fun again). The kids (back to school, selling wrapping paper and magazines).

But I’ve also been a slacker. Yes, I’ve been a bum when I could be writing.

It’s not that I Haven’t Had Time to Blog, I just haven’t made the time to blog.

And that’s what it comes down to. I need to pull out that sharpie and cross off unnecessary items off my calendar. I need to take those windows of opportunity and pull out my laptop. I’m actually going back and reading my own great advice from “Marketing Me” – When do you find the time?

To me, blogging about the business of law, legal marketing, social media, and all the things that swirl around them is part of my personal brand. And, since I am my own brand manager, I have no one to blame but me.

So, I am putting down that slacker button, and taking up my keyboard again. I heard Santa is bringing me an iPad and a new computer for Christmas, so that should make the process much more fun!

  • jaynenavarre

    Good post on ChrisBrogan.com about the SAME issue! Must be in the autumn air. I’ve have a post in process but stuff seems to be getting in the way…but then, it’s my choice. And that’s the lesson for any of us who have to “market” our brand, right? There’s hardly ever a time when something “else” might not seem more delicious if what we’re eating isn’t giving us the same “kick” it used to. Despite the fact that I know you (and I) love to blog, I have to ask..,a new computer and iPad…isn’t that like waiting to join a new health club before you start your diet? HAHAHA! Oh, yeah, it will be more fun…especially Angry Birds on a iPad. Much better than the iPhone. A conundrum!

    • I actually linked Chris’ post within mine. It really was what inspired me, as his advice is the stuff that I’m always harping about.

      I’m hoping the portability of the iPad will help my blogging on the fly. Piper has told me that I AM downloading Angry Birds as soon as I get it. I still haven’t played a game of it yet, and trying to hold out … Jewel Quest is bad enough. Ugh.